Secretary in the Future

Prepered by Sadiq M Al Mubarak

Arranging Meetings

* The importance to arrange meeting:

• One of the organizational skills to review the activates.
• To coordinate efforts and exchange view and information.
• Discuss the needs and requirement.
• Identify the performance of activities.
• Identify the strengths and weaknesses.
• Work together as a team.
• Development of human relations and increase loyalty.

* The types of meeting should the secretary know them well.
• According to time:
– Periodic meetings.
– Regular meetings.
– Emergency meetings.
• According to purpose:
– Meeting of the decision-making.
– Meeting of the request for an opinion.
– Meetings to negotiate.
• According to the formal:
– Formal meetings.
– Informal meetings.
• According to the size:
– Conferences.
– Seminars.
– Expanded meetings.
– Small meetings.
– Committee.

* The role of the secretary of the moment decision to convene the meeting:

• Booked the meeting room.
• Prepare the agenda of the meeting and the note card invitation to the meeting.
• Send the following documents:
– The agenda.
– Note card / invitation.
– Minutes previous meeting (if any).
– Any other important papers.
• Publication of the invitation for the meeting in the newspapers (in pubic meeting only).
• Call editors of newspapers and the media (when there is a need for it).
• Setup file of the meeting.
• Prepare cards members to arrange for the provision of refreshments and meals to eat.
• Preparation of cards (banners) the name of members and function.
• Record information about the meeting in his diary and notebook president.

*The role of the secretary before the day of meeting:

• Make sure the processing room.
• Make sure there is a copy of the minutes of the previous meeting.
• Order of the cards as needed for the meeting.
• Make sure there is stationery.
• Labeling (banners) name of the members in place.
• Check the validity of air-conditioning and sound system and registration.

*The role of the secretary of the meeting:

• Make sure to arrange the meeting room.
• The date of notification of public relations and access members.
• Place a banner on behalf of the meeting on the door of the hall and at the entrance to the building.
• Receiving members.
• Ensure the presence of president and ready to go.

*The role of the secretary during the meeting:

• President to notify the completion of the membership.
• Provide a list of attendees and absentees and apologists.
• Record of meeting.
• Reading if resolutions and recommendations.
• Processing telephone calls inside the hall.

* The role of the secretary after the meeting:

• Writing the draft minutes of the meeting.
• Distribute a copy of the record to members.
• The president reminded the required tasks.
• Follow up gratuity members.
• Follow up implementation of the resolutions of the meeting.
• Send decisions to the designated points.


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